Tuesday, March 29, 2011

nodeGraph GUI

    // http://prefuse.org
    //@Grab(group='org.prefuse', module='prefuse', version='beta-20060220')
    @Grab(group='org.prefuse', module='prefuse', version='beta-20071021')
import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder
import javax.swing.WindowConstants
import groovy.util.BuilderSupport
import prefuse.Constants
import prefuse.Display
import prefuse.Visualization
import prefuse.action.ActionList
import prefuse.action.RepaintAction
import prefuse.action.assignment.ColorAction
import prefuse.action.assignment.DataColorAction
import prefuse.action.layout.graph.ForceDirectedLayout
import prefuse.activity.Activity
import prefuse.controls.DragControl
import prefuse.controls.PanControl
import prefuse.controls.ZoomControl
import prefuse.data.Graph
import prefuse.data.Node
import prefuse.render.DefaultRendererFactory
import prefuse.render.LabelRenderer
import prefuse.util.ColorLib
import prefuse.visual.VisualItem

class PrefuseBuilder extends BuilderSupport {
    def graph
    def visualization
    void setParent(Object parent, Object child) {
        if (parent instanceof Node && child instanceof Node) {
            graph.addEdge(parent, child)
    Object createNode(Object name) {
        return createNode(name, null, null)
    Object createNode(Object name, Object value) {
        return createNode(name, null, value)
    Object createNode(Object name, Map attributes) {
        return createNode(name, attributes, null)
    Object createNode(Object name, Map attributes, Object value) {
        def node = null
        if (name == 'node') {
            node = graph.addNode()
            node.setString("name", value)
        if (name == 'graph') {
            graph = new Graph()
            graph.addColumn("name", String.class)
            visualization = new Visualization()
            visualization.add("graph", graph)
            def labelRenderer = new LabelRenderer("name")
            labelRenderer.setRoundedCorner(8, 8)
            visualization.setRendererFactory(new DefaultRendererFactory(labelRenderer))
            def fill = new ColorAction("graph.nodes", VisualItem.FILLCOLOR, ColorLib.rgb(190,190,255))
            def text = new ColorAction("graph.nodes", VisualItem.TEXTCOLOR, ColorLib.gray(0))
            def edges = new ColorAction("graph.edges", VisualItem.STROKECOLOR, ColorLib.gray(200))
            def color = new ActionList()
            def layout = new ActionList(Activity.INFINITY)
            layout.add(new ForceDirectedLayout("graph", true))
            layout.add(new RepaintAction())
            visualization.putAction("color", color)
            visualization.putAction("layout", layout)
            def display = new Display(visualization)
            display.setSize(720, 500)
            display.addControlListener(new DragControl())
            display.addControlListener(new PanControl())
            display.addControlListener(new ZoomControl())
            node = display
        return node

def go = {
   def graph = new PrefuseBuilder().graph {
       node("Grand Parent") {
           node("Parent") {
               node("Child 1")
               node("Child 2") {
                   node("Baby 1")
                   node("Baby 2")
   // create a swing app using the Groovy SwingBuilder to display the graph
   def sb = new groovy.swing.SwingBuilder()
   sb.frame(id:"nodeFrame", size:[300,300], visible:true, resizable:true, title:'PrefuseBuilder Test') {



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